Reach Out & Read Introduces Children to Books at Pediatric Well Visits

Reach Out & Read

At Family Health Centers, we know that engaging the imagination is as important to the development of a child as good health. At our Hempstead Health Center, Dr. Gina Reinoso has been spreading the word about the powers of reading to parents and children during routine pediatric well visits. Through a partnership with Reach Out & Read, we are helping to build stronger cognitive, social, and emotional foundations for children.

Our Hempstead Physician Recognized for Her Service

Through the initiative of one of our doctors, reading has become a regular part of Family Health Centers’ pediatric experience. In June, Dr. Reinoso received the Living, Breathing Reach OUT and READ Award for going above and beyond to ensure that nothing can stop Reach Out & Read from happening in her health center. Through Reach Out & Read, Family Health Centers has reduced the barriers to reading for children of all income levels.

What is Reach Out & Read?

Reach Out & Read is a nonprofit that provides young children with a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric health care visits and encouraging parents and children to read aloud together. It is the only national pediatric literacy model endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Reach Out & Read is available at pediatric well visits

Over 4 Million Young Readers and Counting

Reach Out & Read, which serves more than 4 million children every year, promotes early literacy and encourages families to make reading a part of their daily lives. Through a network of pediatric providers like Dr. Reinoso, health care professionals around the country introduce reading to children at a critical stage of development—birth to age 3. This program integrates reading into pediatric practices, advises families about the importance of reading with their children, and shares books that promote healthy childhood development.

Why Reading Young is So Powerful

The first few years of a child’s development are critical. But, did you know that one-third of young children in the United States enter kindergarten without the educational foundation they need to succeed in school? Poor reading skills at this age level have been known to influence a child’s growth and development in the classroom.

Reach Out & Read introduces books to young children

All Children Deserve an Opportunity to Read

Reach Out & Read believes that all families, regardless of income, should have the tools and information they need to make reading aloud a daily routine at home. By introducing books to families with young children, this program aims to develop stronger educational foundations.

Reach Out & Read’s strategy is three-fold. It integrates books into pediatric appointments, advises families about the importance of reading with their children, and shares books that can spur healthy development.

We Provide Compassionate Pediatric Care to All

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