What Every Parent Needs to Know About Kids and COVID-19

kids and covid-19

To help educate parents in the community, Family Health Centers’ Director of Pediatric Clinical Quality Suanne Kowal-Connelly, MD, FAAP created four entertaining and engaging videos, which provide professional insight on key topics related to parents, kids and COVID-19.

Your Kids and COVID-19: Our Pediatrician Teaches the Basics

Coronavirus can be difficult to understand and even tougher to explain to children. Dr. Kowal-Connelly’s video series, “What Parents Need to Know About COVID-19,” provides simple explanations to these complicated pediatric care topics. Each presentation offers evidence-based information that will help you understand important points related to the coronavirus pandemic.

What Parents Need to Know About COVID-19: A 5-Part Video Series

Watch these videos to learn more about COVID-19, how to protect you and your children and how to prepare for what the future may hold.

1) Coronavirus Basics for Parents

Dr. Kowal-Connelly’s first video focuses on general information about parents, kids and COVID-19 and what is currently understood about the background of the coronavirus pandemic.

2) The Viral Illness in Children and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

The second video covers what is known about Multisystem System Inflammatory Syndrome and provides guidance for identifying the signs and symptoms that should alert parents and caretakers about when to seek care.

3) An Explanation of the Available COVID Tests

Dr. Kowal-Connelly’s third video is all about the testing that can be done for COVID 19, how coronavirus testing works and the shortcomings of the different COVID-19 tests available.

4) What Parents can Expect as We Begin to Reopen

The fourth video in Dr. Kowal-Connelly’s “What Parents Need to Know About COVID-19” series covers one of the biggest issues related to kids and COVID-19: the potential reopening of schools.

5) How to Determine if Your Child Can Go to School

With school reopening comes a new set of challenges that parents have never faced, but one of the most important is: can my child attend school in person today? This blog post helps parents navigate this question quickly and easily. Learn what you need to know in less than five minutes!

Learn More About COVID-19 at Family Health Centers

Dr. Kowal-Connelly and the rest of our health care professionals are available to educate your family about COVID-19. We also provide COVID-19 and Antibody testing at our health centers in Hempstead, Freeport, Elmont and Westbury (by appointment only). Please call (516)396-7500 to learn more.

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