Mall Walking: A New Route to Staying Healthy in Winter

Healthy Living
mall walking

During the winter, staying active is always a challenge. You are not alone if you would rather spend time sipping hot cocoa on the couch than going for a walk outdoors. But what if you could get your steps in without needing to bundle up? A new trend hitting the suburbs, called “mall walking,” can help you stay active regardless of whether jack frost is biting at your nose or not.

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What is PrEP, and How is it Used in HIV Prevention?

what is prep

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an HIV prevention method that reduces the risk of contracting HIV by stopping the virus from taking hold and spreading in the body. It is often prescribed to those who are at a high risk of getting HIV from sex and/or intravenous drug use. If you are considering options for improving safety, find out the answers to vital questions, including: “what is PrEP, and how can it help me?”

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